Project Accounting Guide For Consultants & Consulting Firms

As a CPA consultant, you analyze the numbers and trends and provide thoughtful, detailed insight to improve your client’s business going forward. If you succeed in forging a path to your client’s growth, you also create a solid footing to continue working with them long-term as a business partner and advisor. Caryl Ramsey has years of experience assisting in different aspects of bookkeeping, taxes,

Trade Payable and Trade Receivables With Example

We found that the for Company XYZ is $185,000, and they have annual revenue of $750,000. Comparing it with the industry average DSO can help conclude if the business has a good cash flow or not. In this sense, with non-recourse factoring, the factor functions a bit like an outsourced credit department. Where Do

Capital Expenditures: Definition, Calculation, Uses

Many IT material goods—like servers, generators, or UPS systems—can be purchased either as a capital item or as an operating expense item. From an accounting perspective, expenditures are the payments you make on long-term spending. However, unless you’re talking to the company bookkeepers, most folks won’t notice the difference. Below is a break down of

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